Scoring and Interpretation

The BDI-2 allows professionals to score assessments by hand with the Examiner's Manual, which includes Interpretation considerations, or electronically through the BDI-2 Data Manager

For those professionals who wish to reduce scoring errors, the BDI-2 Data Manager allows individuals and organizations to enter raw score or item detail information and generate useful individual and group reports. Users can quickly enter a child's demographic and assessment data. Organizations, such as State Departments of Health or Education, can aggregate hierarchical data from as few as 2 levels to as many as 10 levels of hierarchy. This feature allows for the collection of small or large scale longitudinal data on early childhood development for use in federal or state reporting. The BDI-2 Data Manager helps you maintain longitudinal data across settings or agencies as a consistent early childhood data system.

For use with the BDI-2 Data Manager, the BDI-2 Mobile Data Solution for Windows (MDS) allows examiners to enter item level information directly into Windows-based hardware. The BDI-2 MDS application eliminates the need for paper test records and provides electronic data collection. Once test administration is complete, the MDS uploads to the BDI-2 Data Manager software for instant access to scores and reports.

Norm-referenced scores (scaled scores with a mean of 10, SD of 3, score range 1-19) are provided at the subdomain level. The subdomain scores combine to form the five BDI-2 domain scores and the overall BDI-2 Developmental Quotient (each with a standard score mean of 100, SD 15, score range 40-160). Percentile ranks and confidence intervals are provided for the subdomain scores and developmental quotients. Age equivalent tables are also available.

The BDI-2 Screening Test consists of a subset of test items from the full BDI-2 item bank. The scoring procedures are similar to those of the full BDI-2, and cut-off scores are provided to aid in identifying children who may need additional testing.


System Requirements

Data Manager

Mobile Data Solution