CogAT reports separate scores for each battery (Verbal, Quantitative, and Nonverbal) and a Composite. Scores are not reported for subtests within each battery.

Among the scores available for each battery are the raw score (the number of items marked correctly), standard age score, national age and grade percentile ranks, and age and grade stanines. A normal curve equivalent table is provided in the CogAT, Form 6, Norms Booklet. Local norms based on the standard age score are available from the Riverside Scoring Service®, which provides a wide range of scoring services for CogAT.

CogAT may also be scored locally by computer or by hand. Scoring key booklets are available for hand scoring each level. Levels A-H may be hand scored with either a scoring key booklet or an individual-level scoring mask. For local scoring, CogAT Levels K, 1, and 2 test booklets and Levels A-H answer sheets may be scanned with the appropriate equipment. For more information about the compatibility of answer documents with local scanning equipment, please contact your local assessment consultant or Riverside Customer Service.

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