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The chart below explains what this test assesses at various development levels.

Test Description
Level 5/6 The first part of this test assesses word reading and word attack in several ways. Students either identify a word read aloud by the teacher or choose a picture that matches a printed word in isolation or at the end of a simple sentence.

The second part assesses comprehension of sentences, pictures that tell a story, and printed stories.
Level 7 Administered in two parts, this test presents students with a variety of reading tasks.

The first part of the test presents pictures that tell a story. Students must complete sentences about the pictures by choosing a word to fill in a blank. Part 1 also involves reading sentences. Students select a word that best completes each sentence.

Part 2 of the test consists of written stories followed by multiple-choice questions. The questions associated with both the picture stories and written stories often require more than literal comprehension. A number of the questions ask the students to make inferences or to generalize about what they have read.
Level 8 Same description as Level 7
Levels 9-14 Administered in two parts, this test contains passages that vary in length from a few lines to a full page. Both literary passages (e.g., fiction, folk tales, essays, and poetry) and informational passages (e.g., expository science and social studies materials, procedural texts, and general nonfiction) are included. Many of the passages are excerpts from previously published works. A significant number of questions may require students to draw inferences or to generalize about what they have read.
Levels 15-17/18 This test provides information about the kinds of comprehension skills students are expected to continue to develop as they proceed through high school-skills they will use in reading texts across the curriculum, in engaging with literature, in reading and thinking about magazine and newspaper articles in and outside of school, and in extracting and evaluating ideas from a variety of sources for research projects. Many of the passages in the Reading test are taken from previously published materials. Each test level has five passages. The prose passages range in length from 400 to 760 words.

The questions associated with each passage require students to demonstrate understanding at a variety of process levels usually associated with reading comprehension. By far the greatest emphasis is on questions that address the higher-level objectives of inferring, analyzing, and generalizing.
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