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The development of an intermediate set of norms prior to a major content revision of the battery is a significant advancement in individual cognitive and educational assessment. This unprecedented normative recalculation reflects changes in general population characteristics reported in the 2005 U.S. census projections. Based on census data specifications, 8,782 of the original WJ III subjects were selected for inclusion in the WJ III Normative Update (WJ III NU).

The WJ III Normative Update Kit includes the WJ III NU Compuscore and Profiles Program and the WJ III NU Technical Manual. The WJ III Test Books, Subject Response Books, and Examiner's Manuals are unchanged. Examiners can use their current Test Records because the age-equivalent and grade-equivalent scores listed for each test are intentionally provided as estimated scores only-they may vary slightly from the age- and grade-equivalent scores produced by the NU Compuscore.

The WJ III NU Compuscore includes a number of revised interpretive procedures and report options. The WJ III NU Technical Manual includes many of the necessary administration pieces from the Examiner's Manuals.